001 Overcoming Rejection with Laura Yates, Breakup Coach and Writer


On this podcast, you’ll get great advice on getting past rejection.


Laura Yates is your relationship and breakup coach, helping you heal from heartbreak.  Visit her Website here:


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Breakups can be devastating experiences.  On this show Laura talks about her coaching of people who are fresh out of a breakup on reclaiming their own individuality as well as coaching them as they begin dating again.  We discuss perspective shifts required as people go through the grieving process and find their identity, and how to know when a relationship is over.  She talks about common mistakes people make in the process that slow the healing process as well as strategies that can support people as they move on.  We also get into what makes a healthy relationship.  We also delve into business relationships as well.

On a personal side, she talks about her thoughts on finding balance…or rather her philosophy on stepping out of balance to accomplish big things in life.  We get into ways she structures her time to work toward personal goals as well as well as her thoughts on following passion and finding your calling.

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