002 Why Being a “Nice” Person Sucks, This Guy’s Making and Dismantling of a Nice Guy

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This episode is a bit of a departure from the typical interview format, as the shows will sometimes go.  This episode is all about the anxiety that comes from keeping your mind focused on future outcomes, rather than in focusing on what’s in front of us.  My own struggles with chronic niceness are discussed as well as how my awareness began to grow around my own insecurities.  As we shine a light on our own insecurities and allow them to inhabit the same space as us (without attempting to push them away or shrink away from them) their power over us weakens.

I talk about how I’ve recently invited some of my own insecurities in to examine them for what they were.  I get into what I learned in the process.

Awareness, is a key element of growth, and a the surest way to break down personal boundaries.  Join me on the journey.  You can learn more at www.letgohello.com

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On the next episode, James Rapson shares insights into niceness -vs- kindness.

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