005 Movement as a Lifestyle with Brian Pratt of Thrival Life

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Brian is the baddest assed person I’ve ever met.  He is a movement instructor who specializes in natural primitive movement technique and is a proponent of the paleo diet.  He works with his clients on their health goals while engaging in natural movements within a natural environment.

I had the honor of going through an introductory exploration of some of his techniques and processes.  The woods near my house served as our gym, and the fallen trees, grassy pastures and boulders filled in for our equipment.  After my punishment in the 110 degree Redding heat, we sat down in the wilds for a slightly winded, but informative interview about his philosophies on incorporating movement into everything we do.

Thrival Life considers the health of the whole person and how to maintain a fully alive lifestyle. Whether you’re at home, work or on the go, their goal is to help you create and optimize your best life with nutrition, movement, restoration, and community.  The goal is to help you to be ready, capable, and resilient so that you are thriving in your life.

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