007 Dean Bokhari talks about his biggest influences and the meaningful movement he’s pushing forward

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Dean Bokhari is highly steeped in personal development, so I was eager to pick his brain. Dean is a masterful storyteller, so I think you’ll find his delivery and the concepts discussed both engaging and easy to relate to. On this episode we talk about his top 5 books that he’d recommend for someone starting out. We also talk about the power of thought, Discipline, Action, and kids soccer! He talks about his own personal journey as he discovered a new way to live that revolutionized every aspect of his life.

Dean Bokhari is passionate about personal development, in fact, he’s created a company around personal development called GetFlashNotes.com where he condenses down personal development books in the areas of business, finance and life into bite sized chunks. He releases the content in both audio and written formats. The bonus is that you can consume a large breadth of work in a short span of time. It’s really a great way for the busy person who in interested in building their skills. 

Dean also has a podcast related to personal growth and a blog dedicated to the same topic at Meaningful HQ.


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Life tends to keep us busy grinding away until one day we awaken with the ache that something is missing.  We search for meaning.  We try to fill the holes, but the more we chase what we want, the more it tends to elude us.  We can often be left feeing empty

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