Read This Before You Give Up

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Are you feeling regret regarding your past decisions when you compare what you have with what others around you seem have?  That feeling you’re feeling is very common.  Hang in there.  It’s something that most people would agree they have felt.  If they say they haven’t, they’ve probably forgotten or are lying to you. 🙂 

Depression tends to come from our anxiety about the future.  We look into the future at the person we want to become and see a big void between that place and where we are now.  The trick is to pay attention to that ideal in your heart (the what) and forget about the how.  You don’t need to know.  There is too much in that void that you get to discover on the path anyway.  It can’t all be worked out before you start something new.  If you’re waiting for the perfect time to start, it will never come.  Just start, and then change course as you go…  The real drama (drama in a good way) comes when you begin to take small steps toward that thing you want.

Fear and anxiety regarding the future is one thing, but there is also regret.  Regret tends to come from too much thinking on the past could-have-beens.  In reality, you may find that someday, everything you have done up to that point was for a reason.  The fact is that you actually may need all that experience some day.  Any way you look, the solution seems to be to focus on today, right now, your first step toward what you really want to do and be.  Be that now, to scale.