They’re Waking Up

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What of our children who are nearing the graduation of high school?  They have been sold on a dream that with an education, they can find the job of their dreams.  In my community, I’m seeing more and more people holding down two jobs to make ends meet.   I’m seeing many on disability or welfare who are lacking skills, or knowledge of jobs that they could actually perform.  I hear stories from most people who are discontent with their job or occupation.  The thrill of a new job and self sufficiency is short lived without any self actualization.  So many are waking up groggily from the illusion that a job with nice benefits and pay will make them happy. 

It’s interesting to see the things that are being created out there in the online space by ordinary people.  It’s fascinating to see people taping into what turns them on and finding a way to bring that to the marketplace.  It’s exciting to see so many people out there who are turning within to find that problem that needs solving and then creating a solution for a group of super-fans.  We could be at the dawn of a new revolution.  From the Industrial Revolution through the Information Revolution to a Creation Revolution.