011 Begin Now, Two Big Ideas Concerning the Magic of Action

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All of the things that you believe you need in order to get started are probably not as necessary as you think.

You’ll learn as you go

Many people will focus on researching and researching with the thought that they will build when they have all the data/knowledge/skill etc.  the truth is that that time never comes. 

It’s a form of stalling.

My lovely and talented wife (who by the way I’ve found is awesome with voiceovers!  She’s the voice on the LetGo Hello intro and outdo)…she is always reminding me of this.  I can easily analyze till I’m paralyzed.  I can easily busy myself on things that make little or no difference to the outcome.  Jim Rohn always talked about people who major in minors.  We spend our time on things that make little difference.  Do we really need to check our email 20 times in a day?  Why not just twice…and definitely  after you’ve knocked out a big agenda item.

Austin’s Kleon’s short read “Show Your Work”  Not mentioned, but check it out…

Have Faith

  1. We grow in the process as we put our work out there.  We learn by doing…

Before I started my blog, my thoughts circled around a couple nebulous ideas.  I could begin to articulate them but the ideas felt half stuck.  It wasn’t until I actually wrote them down…and then uploaded them onto the blog (opening them up to an actual audience, that they began to make more sense…and more importantly…free up my thoughts and energy to not only further develop those ideas, but also make room for more ideas.  It seems the more I shared, the more room I had.  In addition, that’s where things started coming my way.  Most of the guests

On this podcast, with every episode that I release, I’m further refining my voice and my focus.  I get so nervous before every interview, and sometimes during…  I am embarrassed by my past releases, and I’m working to get better with every one.  That’s part of the process, I’m finding and developing my voice as I go.  My focus tightens up with everything I share.  I really appreciate all of the feedback that I’ve received from the listeners out there as the podcast evolves. 

Reid Hoffman Linkedin “If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.”

2. the resources will appear when you need them

Field of dreams… If you build it they will come.  This is a cry for action.  If there is something in you to create, then do something about it TODAY as a step toward it.  Do it today…a small step.  just get the ball rolling.  no more imaging.  Don’t let today be like the other todays that have passed, and then you find yourself at 40 wondering where all the time went.  Just Begin.   Just begin.  Just begin.

I believe the concept can be turned around into an enlightened self interest, the more we give, the more comes back.  That’s not what it’s about though.  It’s all about the community that we develop as we embark on our journey.  James Rapson (who I’ve interviewed on this show) said something that’s stuck with me.  He said:  The people who you are looking for…are also looking for you.  Many of the people I’ve come into contact with that a have been helpful in someway are a result of action I’d taken.

Remember, just begin, and the resources you need will come along the way.  Also, you’ll grow in the process. 


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